As we’ve mentioned before, perhaps our biggest motivation to move back home was the people missing from our lives. It just so happens that two of those people recently got hitched! When Kalin and Taylor asked to use our bus as a mobile bridal party ready room (say that ten times fast), we immediately said “Yes!” Being the fellow motor enthusiasts that they are, they got married at a race track. We were tempted to test out our Bluebird’s abilities, I mean we’ve been on a race track before. In the end we listened to our brains and settled for letting our bus play dressing room and handing out water bottles. Ah, the sacrifices we make to be grown ups.

In any case, the sun was shining, the bride and groom were beautiful, and the wedding was pure bliss. The bus also got to bear witness to the signing of the marriage license. The photographer graciously lent some photos to share with you. You can see more of his work here. Big thanks to Kalin and Taylor for sharing their special day with us, and for allowing us to publish their photos here.


Ain’t love sweet?

K&T-238 K&T-374 K&T-375 K&T-387 K&T-562 K&T-377 K&T-564 K&T-558 K&T-277 K&T-565


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