Tonight we were supposed to be hanging out in Miami, but we’re not. Currently we are sitting in camping chairs, in our empty house and borrowing wifi from our neighbors (thanks!) because all our furniture is gone and our internet turned off. Let me explain.

The bus has been residing at a local truck shop, waiting for a shiny new water pump. Turns out, our Cummins VT555 V8 is an antique dinosaur, therefore certain parts are scarce. It was supposed to be put back together by last Wednesday, then Friday, now it’s next Wednesday. Of course, we didn’t know this until all the furniture was moved out. Such is life.

Luckily, the guys at the shop are real nice and don’t mind us working on the bus while she sits in their lot. Because of that we have been able to get a lot more work done, including the power/wiring and the sink plumbing. You know, minor details. Also luckily, our landlord is wonderful and doesn’t mind us living here for another week. So things could really be worse. We are grateful for the people around us and at least now we have the time to finish some of those last details we are behind on.

Since the bus is just hanging out at the shop, we went ahead and had them throw on some fresh tires since ours were pretty dry-rotted. We also got some new paint on, inside and out, and hung up the curtains along with the electricity and water solved. Just a few last minute projects left to make it comfortable.

In related news, another big hurdle of our project has been completed: insurance and registration! Along with having our title changed from bus to RV. It took several days of phone calls and a flurry of emails to make it happen, and we are finally legal to be on the road! Feels good.

photo 4

I feel like a proud mama

photo 3-1

Awaiting new tires and sporting a new look

photo 2

12 cans later, our hands are cramped

photo 5

Surveying the area

photo 1

Battery bank, with inverter on the other side of the wall (under our bed).

Battery bank, with inverter on the other side of the wall (under our bed).