You may have noticed our route takes a detour west after Florida into Louisiana. This is because we had the pleasure of staying with Steven’s cousin Carrie and her husband Thomas in New Orleans. They are like projections of our future selves. Seriously. So it was no surprise we had an amazing, albeit short visit with them in the Big Easy. Just to set the tone, here is their adorable, classic New Orleans home.


We magically found a safe parking spot around the corner from the house in Mid City. Mid City is like the next hot place in town; very up-and-coming and full of delicious and almost tourist-free restaurants and bars. Upon arriving we enjoyed dinner and happy hour at Crescent City Pie and Sausage Company, followed by a tour through uptown and a stop for another beer at The Avenue Pub (it was Thomas’ birthday, after all!). Avenue Pub is set in a house, including balcony seating and many, many taps to choose from. A good opportunity to sample the local brew.


On Wednesday, we took the liberty of wandering around the French Quarter while the adults went to their day jobs. We quickly caught on to the fact that New Orleans never sleeps and is usually up to a delightfully no-good time. Our morning started out with beignets and cafe au lait at the famed Cafe Du Monde, because I am not afraid to admit that yes, I am a tourist. But we tried to get a little more “authentic” experience by exploring the streets outside the square where we had been recommended many great options for lunch. The architecture in that city is so enchanting that walking around is a bit mesmerizing. Especially so when enjoying the open container law. (May I just take this moment to say we really are responsible young people and tip very well). 😉

IMG_6527IMG_6559IMG_6575 crop

The Mississippi! I think I'd prefer to swim in the Williamette...

The Mississippi! I think I’d prefer to swim in the Williamette…


We were so busy having fun, we forgot to get a group photo! Too bad, because Thomas and Carrie are the best. See you at Mardi Gras!


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